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About Tequeños


We are a company specialized in Tequeños, we elaborate it with an unparalleled recipe, using the real Venezuelan white cheese, the best quality guava preserves, and the best ingredients to make your mouth water, but above all, made by hand and with lots of love towards the most representative snack of our country, putting a touch of Venezuela in Miami.


Rudel Enterprises Inc.

We have years of tradition in the market, managed by their owners, who emigrated from Venezuela looking for the American dream and decided to invest in one of the most traditional and tasty snacks of our country, thus ensuring the traditional and true recipe of the center of Venezuela: The TEQUEÑO, which will give your business the Gourmet touch you need.  We created a great variety of tequeños including guava and cream cheese, chocolate, dulce de leche and gouda cheese, as well as the original Tequeño with semi soft white fresh cheese. They come in Party size and Jumbo Size. You can order them for your parties, meetings, to satisfy children as a snack or for school, breakfast at home or a good afternoon snack; They are nutritious and they will make you look great in front your guess. They are soft and stay soft after 2 or 3 hours, which will allow you to have a good profit margin if you offer it in your business.


Tequeños (cheese fingers) are the most popular Venezuelan appetizer. They are prepared by wrapping strips of Queso Blanco Fresco (Fresh White Cheese) with specially made dough and then fried, They are easy to cook, and will be a big hit at any party,especially at weddings.

In other countries, like in Colombia, the Tequeño is known as Dedito de Queso. The Tequeño is famous world wide under various names.

The name "Tequeño" comes from the city, Los Teques, capital of the State of Miranda, Venezuela, located a few minutes away from Caracas. This city was where rich families would spend their vacations during the XIX century. The Tequeño is the result of the left over dough used in colonial homes for pastelitos (another venezuelan appetizer) as a result the Tequenos was born.

We are direct manufacturers and distribute tequeños to small and large companies, bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, service stations and stores throughout Florida since 2009. We We are able to provide to more than 200 Publix in all Florida, Atlanta and Orlando with the Quirch Foods brand, thanks to our great capacity. We have all the permits granted by the State of Florida, as well as Certifications of high standards of hygiene and food handling SQF.

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